كلمة عتاب، يا حب

Giovanni Maria Viani (1636–1700)
The Penitent Magdalene (Detail)
Oil on canvas, 17th Century

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frightened said: the feeling is mutual bb <3 <3

bless omar as usual he made it so comfortable and not intense and also i really didn’t want to fight with you so it was just a v chill class imo i’m so glad :’))) ilysm btw

"Tomcat Brothers",  The Illustrated Adventures of Two Space Age Boys & Their Cat by Piotr Jabłoński

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Matthias Grunewald c. 1517-1519

Stuppach Madonna (detail)


Psyche and the Tribunal of Venus. 19th.century. the French School. hand colored etching. part of the Gianni Versace art collection. Sotheby’s auction. 2009.


Megitsune by BABYMETAL

i am v apprehensive about omar cutieface’s class today mainly bc i don’t want to fight with my boo linda but also i have some v biased opinions it seems and i’m having trouble overcoming them


Rena Effendi: The Women of Jordan’s Zaatari Refugee Camp

Of the 124,000 people living in Zaatari, Jordan, the world’s second largest refugee camp, 54% are women and 42% of the families there are headed by women. The life of Syrian women in Zaatari is harsh and potentially dangerous - harassment is a reality and rape a nighttime possibility. The refugee women I encountered there told stories of death, deprivation, suffering and sacrifice. All of them went through major trauma of losing their homes and family members in the war. However, they refused to be portrayed as victims. As they struggle with the stigma of being refugees and cope with a loss of place and belonging these women showed remarkable resilience, definite dignity and an astounding ability to hope. They each had different ways to achieve some sort of normalcy in an inhumane situation – some by opening businesses, others by serving their community while always supporting each other. One woman I met there had even recreated – to the best of her ability – her kitchen from Syria in a small shipping container, where she lived in cramped spaces. It was the act of remembering that gave her the strength to survive.  - story originally published via marieclaire

*the great Rena Effendi strikes again. Love love love her work.. 


marry me

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crackle snapper

best line
narrator: you have hashish? are you with the government or the opposition
hobo: i'm with your mother's cunt


Yallet’s faces